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At Day365, content is our passion.  Tweets, videos, photos, blog posts, news releases -- anything that brings a message to an audience.

Last year, we launched - a niche news site covering the openings, closings, new projects and buildings across SW Idaho.  The site takes a novel approach - mixing quick-hit news items with long-form investigative journalism and aggregated news from other sources.  We've pushed out more than 250 pieces of content - ranging from a few short sentences to longform journalism that is a few thousand words long.

BoiseDev allows us to test content strategies, inbound marketing concepts and more. Plus - it's fun!

In just a few months, the site has racked up hundreds of thousands of pageviews, added more than 1,000 names to its email subscriber list and has netted traffic increases each month. 

According to SimilarWeb, is the top Boise-area business news website, despite being just a few months old.

The Idaho Department of Labor has come to rely on for its monthly look at economic activity, sourcing BoiseDev, citing the site a half dozen times in its December report.

We're on the lookout for unique ideas and partnerships - including sponsorship. If you have an idea, contact us.

Introducing Day365: optimizing everything - even my brand

In July, I launched Don Day Digital. Printed business cards, put the word out, set up a Facebook page and created a landing page.

I took some simple advice in naming the firm: name it after yourself so people are never confused at the link between you and your company. This made sense - and I liked the "3-D" alliteration of Don Day Digital.

But a funny thing happened. I found the name awkward. Telling people my name and what I did - a simple task we all do in the course of business - became kind of strange. "Hi, I'm Don Day and I own Don Day Digital," didn't sound right. I felt funny about it - and lacked the confidence needed in a strong brand.

As I went about writing copy for the website, another strange thing cropped up - the use of pronouns. When to use "I" instead of "we" became a strange conundrum. For now, this is a solo venture - though the plan is of course to grow and add folks. Sentences that included me as a person and Don Day Digital as an entity... were a mess.

One thing I believe in marketing is you can't be stuck with something even if you're invested in it. So, I'm optimizing the name.

  Fare thee well, short-lived brand!

Fare thee well, short-lived brand!

Even though the name wasn't perfect, I was happy with the logo - the orange and red sun device, with the hidden "D" represented my brand intention well. That meant I had to find a name that most likely still incorporated my last name.

I went through dozens of ideas. I considered dusting off the name of a previous venture called DayPower Media. While it had strength, it wasn't quite right. I looked up Day in Latin, I dug through synonyms, I Google-searched dozens of ideas and nothing stuck.

As I discussed the idea with my girlfriend - who happens to do branding and marketing for a living, she threw out "Day365" in a list of a bunch of other ideas.

I liked it. It says something without being too specific. I've formally dropped the word "digital" to broaden the brand. And it allows me to leverage some of the branding work already started. When paired with a short tagline: Simplifying marketing daily, it connects in a straightforward way.

I'm also sharpening focus on three main areas: killer digital-first ad campaigns, strong content creation & social media and digital strategy.  There are some other ways I can be of assistance - but these are the big areas where I can use my unique fusion of content knowledge and marketing skill to make an impact.

The real lesson here is simple: don't get stuck. Marketing is part art and part science - and the landscape is changing so incredibly fast that we can't be afraid to pivot and change to meet our business objectives.

I'm excited about the sunny future for Day365. You can learn more about how I can help your organization by click any of the links above!