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At Day365, content is our passion.  Tweets, videos, photos, blog posts, news releases -- anything that brings a message to an audience.

Last year, we launched - a niche news site covering the openings, closings, new projects and buildings across SW Idaho.  The site takes a novel approach - mixing quick-hit news items with long-form investigative journalism and aggregated news from other sources.  We've pushed out more than 250 pieces of content - ranging from a few short sentences to longform journalism that is a few thousand words long.

BoiseDev allows us to test content strategies, inbound marketing concepts and more. Plus - it's fun!

In just a few months, the site has racked up hundreds of thousands of pageviews, added more than 1,000 names to its email subscriber list and has netted traffic increases each month. 

According to SimilarWeb, is the top Boise-area business news website, despite being just a few months old.

The Idaho Department of Labor has come to rely on for its monthly look at economic activity, sourcing BoiseDev, citing the site a half dozen times in its December report.

We're on the lookout for unique ideas and partnerships - including sponsorship. If you have an idea, contact us.