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Goal-focused campaigns: untangling digital

Do you know your SEO from your SEM? How about your retargeting from your geotargeting? Or maybe it's a Snapchat Story and an Instagram Story that keep you up at night.  Digital can seem complicated -- but our job is to untie the tangled web and make it simple -- driving your results.  We build hand-crafted digital ad campaigns that mix current tactics and are platform agnostic. Instead of going "all-in" with one vendor or platform, we help you figure out the right set of tools. It might be a data-driven Facebook campaign, or it could be a neat tool from a vendor (heck, even a newspaper ad makes sense on occasion!). We'll help guide you to the toolset that makes the most sense for you. Research. Buying. Monitoring. Adjusting. We've done it for more Idaho advertisers than anyone else - and we can do it for you.

Strategy: the right thing, not the cool thing

Each business challenge is unique - and the solutions should be hand-built to match. Everyone says you need to be on Twitter - but is it really right for you?  You've got to leverage content marketing to get the word out - right? That Facebook page is the key to big sales... isn't it?  No solution is universal - and Day365 works to provide the best strategy for you based not on buzzwords and trends - but on your unique needs. We begin with the end in mind and deliver a strategy that fits - and help you adjust those tactics as goals and the landscape change.



Website design + management

Your website was revamped in 2012. It looked great then. But now? It doesn't work on mobile. It's slow on desktop. It doesn't convert leads very well.  Just like you ensure that the front door to your store or business is clean and presentable - the same applies to your web presence. We'll help get you up to speed and ensure that your site is easy to update, has reliable support and meets current design standards. 


Content development: make it stand out

Content seems tricky. What to produce, where to publish, how to tie it to your objectives. With Emmy nominations and dozens of awards for content on our trophy shelf, Day365 knows how to create and develop high-quality content that performs. From producing and executing a video series to writing news releases and website copy - our team knows how to make words, work. Plus - our extensive social media and content distribution experience give you a leg up in putting that content in front of the right audience ant the right time.

Our connections

In addition to services provided in-house, Day365 can connect you with trusted, tested professionals specializing in graphic design & creative, video production, public affairs, public relations, media training and more. These pros work seamlessly with our team - giving you access to many skills with low overhead.